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Our Services

Hambledon Interims provide a number of distinct services which can be used either in isolation of each other or interlinked to provide a fully rounded support package. Each core element takes a bespoke approach which ensures that the individuality of each of our customers is fully accommodated.

No one approach or strategy fits all. If it did, every business in the same sector would look and feel the same.

Click on one of the following headings to learn more about each of our core services.

 Customer Engagement Development 


We will analyse what you’re doing now (‘What is’) against what your customers actually expect of you (‘Expected’) and make tactical or strategic recommendations. Our recommendations are usually 2-fold involving both your processes and your people and will usually include some form of tailored customer handler training.

Do your people understand the tone, voice and language of your brand? If they do, are they delivering a consistent message to your customers? If they do not understand how you want your brand delivering what are the messages the customer is receiving?

Get this area of your business right and you’ll increase both customer satisfaction and profitable sales. We are here to help you to make sure you do get it right!

 Blended Learning Approach 


We can provide bespoke training and development programmes that centre on ‘soft skills’. These include winning new business, customer engagement and retention along with improved customer service scores.

Stand up class room training still has a role to play in ensuring training and development outcomes are achieved. However, there are now a wider range of solutions that can come into play.

Our focus when putting together a programme of events is on ensuring that a cost effective blended approach is formulated. That approach will provide the measureable outcomes required for truly business related cost.

 Interim and Project Management 


Sometimes it is important to take stock and review the key components of your operation. We can provide that independent view of things that your team cannot always see or articulate in a way that can drive real value to the organisation.

Our Interim Manager or Project Manager can become your Critical Friend - That is someone impartial to bounce new ideas off, offer a second opinion or sidestep internal politics and find common ground amongst decision makers when a project gets bogged down by disagreements.

 Customer Service and Sales Assessment 


If you are unsure as to whether your customer service or sales teams are meeting your best practice standards Hambledon Interims will formulate a Customer Contact Assessment Tool based on your requirements. Once the Assessment Tool has been produced we can also provide a team of highly qualified, experienced and professional assessors, able to assess your teams in their live environment and provide on the spot coaching and development.

The assessor team can also provide detailed individual development plans for your own management teams to use with their direct reports, so that behavioural changes can be fully embedded across your business.